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The Nation Ford Land Trust

"Because our heritage is our most precious resource"

Nation Ford Land Trust is a private, non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the York County, South Carolina area by preserving the open space, natural beauty, and scenic heritage. The goals of the land trust are:

  • to control the use of land by acquiring interest in significant property,
  • to educate the public to the necessity, importance, benefits, and impact of open spaces, and
  • to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

    The Trust can help retain the rural character of the York County area. The rapid growth of the county requires special care to preserve our natural heritage. With undeveloped land becoming more scarce, many people are concerned about preserving our remaining natural areas. The Nation Ford Land Trust is one way to conserve this heritage.

    The name of the Nation Ford Land Trust is derived from Nation Ford, an ancient crossing point of the Catawba River, and the Nation Ford Road which used the crossing. Both of these historic resources were important to the Catawba Indian Nation, to early traders and settlers of the area, to movement of armies in the American Revolution and the American Civil War, and to the development of modern transportation routes in Eastern York County.

    Working together to achieve big goals. That is the Nation Ford Land Trust story. Since it's founding in 1989, Nation Ford has worked in a cooperative, non-adversarial manner to protect over 10,300 of the most unique acres in York County.

    By forging true partnerships with business, governments, private landowners and other non-profit organizations, Nation Ford Land Trust has become recognized as one of the southeastern United States leading conservation organizations. This record of accomplishment lays the foundation for Nation Ford to continue to be a force for positive success in the South Carolina Piedmont.

    Nation Ford's volunteer board of directors focuses our mission on a monthly basis. A professional staff searches for opportunities to engage every segment of our community in preserving the best parts of our scenic landscape and heritage. By targeting resources, working cooperatively and keeping focused on the future, Nation Ford Land Trust has built an enviable conservation record.

    Consider some of our success stories:

  • Working with a major university and the Catawba Indian Nation resulted in a significant stretch of the Catawba River being permanently protected.
  • Open communication with a developer allowed for the preservation of one of York County's most significant Civil War sites.
  • Forging a partnership with both state and county governments and a local non-profit allowed for the protection of the Revolutionary War site of the Battle of Hucks Defeat and expanded Historic Brattonsville.
  • Being a partner with York County Council led to the establishment of South Carolina's first local government land preservation program, the award winning York County Forever.
  • Working with a private landowner and local government helped Nation Ford protect York County's most visible resource, Nanny's Mountain.
  • Demonstrating that listening leads to success, Nation Ford worked with businesses and governments from across our region to develop the Catawba River Corridor Plan to guide the protection of this scenic resource for years to come.

    In all our conservation success, cooperation and partnership have been essential elements. As Nation Ford continues to play a special role for progress in our region, this cooperation is needed more than ever.

    Gifts can be made to the Nation Ford Land Trust in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Your contribution is tax deductible.

    Click here Planned Giving Brochure for more information on ways to protect the places you love - for now and for generations to come.

    Nation Ford Land Trust is recognized as a 501 ( c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to Nation Ford Land Trust are deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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